Must Realtors dress to impress?

38798658 - woman legs in blue jeans and summer shoes


When I started this Realtor business I thought I needed to dress a certain way. My previous job in sales and marketing was in the music business, so as you can imagine, it was pretty casual. Once I got my license I was told folks might want more of a polished-professional-banker- kinda look since they were letting you guide them through such a big investment.

I bought jackets, straight skirts, some heels, and for the first time in my life, slacks. Even the name sounds odd, say it with me now, slacks. Am I right?

I started wearing what felt like a uniform, every day. My husband thought I looked nice probably because it was new and different, (another blog perhaps?) and I did look more like a traditional business woman, but me no likey. I felt like I was going undercover in some sting operation every morning I got dressed. I missed my skinny jeans.

When I started sitting open houses, my feelings of being overdressed hit hard. Bear in mind I work in residential family neighborhoods, so the folks coming through were walking their dog, on the way to a soccer game, or running weekend errands. They looked uber comfortable, and I looked stiff and out of place. I was jealous, and dammit, I wanted to be wearing flip flops too!

So I started to shift my look to reflect what my clients actually looked like. What was even more exciting than ditching the banker clothes was that once I relaxed my look, I gained more confidence, and no longer felt like I was playing a part. My undercover days were over and I was connecting with more clients, a total win-win!

So don’t believe the hype. With a nice blouse, the right jewelry, and cute flats you can rock those skinny jeans, and look the part of a powerful Realtoress, no problem:)