Open Houses All Day Long


Some Realtors dread doing these, but I say bring ‘em so when I’m between listings, I often will host for other agents.

Why? I truly enjoy meeting people. Sounds corny, but it’s the truth.

Yes, you get a lot of neighbors, but what a great way to get a feel for a community, there’s no better intel than chatty neighbors, and knowing the house and the hood has definitely helped me sell homes while hosting.

And although I know Listings are where it’s at in this rodeo called Real Estate, I actually like working with buyers, and open houses are a great way to find folks who are looking. Sure they usually already have an agent, but there are also peeps out and about who merely “saw your sign,” (good sign placement takes strategy folks) and were just “driving by”, so even if they are out only “looking for fun,” there is some kind of motivation lurking underneath, and I aim to find it!

Another great reason to sit an open house? When do you think I churned out this blog? That’s right, I’m sitting an open house right now! It’s a great way to get work done between visitors. Even better if you don’t have the Wi-Fi password, then you aren’t tempted to check FB every five minutes.

Suffice it to say, with good cookies, a yummy smelling candle, good sign placement, and a positive attitude, something great is bound to happen. So attention sellers and agents alike, if you want to generate leads and sell a house, make sure to hire a good sitter:)

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