I took my seventh-grade daughter to the mall yesterday. Please note that I love shopping so when I had her I assumed we would be shopping buddies. See the picture of us when she was 18 days old at Nordstrom? This was to be the first of many fun shopping experiences for us, right?

Sadly, it was not meant to be.

I cannot stand shopping with her. Until last year, she was a total tomboy and couldn’t be bothered so that was kinda sad, but be careful what you wish for because now that she has gone girly on me, pretty much all I do is follow her around and pay. Well actually that’s not entirely true, I also argue with her about what I think she needs vs. wants, prices, and whether or not something is age appropriate. Granted she is 5’8 and 120 pounds so the clothes that fit skew older, but I’m sorry, you are still 12.

Suffice it to say we struggle. What I imagined would be one of our favorite activities is full of tension. So yesterday as I waited outside the dressing room in Hollister with the other moms waiting to pay I started to get annoyed. I thought back to how last Friday night we drove over an hour to replace her Brandy Melville backpack, and last Saturday we had to shop for new basketball shorts cuz she grows like a weed and gawd forbid they don’t hang to her knees baller style, and here we were again, spending Saturday afternoon at the mall looking for just the right shoes for her ever growing clod hoppers, as well as the perfect bathing suit bottoms. UGH!

And then I remembered what day it was. A memorial was being held that day in Eugene Oregon for Missy Davies, one of my sister and brother in law’s dear friends. She recently lost her battle with cancer. She was an amazing woman and she fought hard because she had a beautiful life and family to fight for. Her kids and her husband adored her. She was truly someone to look up to in the mom department.

And she was gone.

She no longer GETS to go to Hollister with her daughter to fight about how tight the jeans are.

She doesn’t GET to drive over an hour to take her girl to Brandy Melville.

She doesn’t GET to buy the basketball shorts, or see her kid play in them ever again.

And I do. And for that I am so very grateful.

I know we’ll be shopping again soon enough, and I know I’ll get annoyed.

But from now on I will also try and remember how lucky I am to actually be there to do so.

RIP Sweet Melissa

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Should I stage or should I go?


Why stage a home? What are the benefits of staging? According to recent studies by the Real Estate Staging Association a staged home is one that usually sells faster and is more likely to sell at original asking price. Now that doesn’t mean that the house will sell at a higher price, but it does mean the house will appeal to more potential buyers which could result in you getting more bids.

So socalhomeshop asked Beppie Mostert, an Interior Designer at Living Design Interiors in San Diego to give us the dirt on DIY staging. She was willing to share a number of tips that homeowners can adopt in preparing their own homes for the market, so listen up!

A house that sells at listed price in a short period of time has certain advantages and is incentive enough to stage the home on one level or another. Staging doesn’t need to cost an arm and leg. There are some simple ideas for staging to ensure the home looks good for the market and shows well on real estate websites, and I’d like to share them here.

The number one tip and most folks know this one, but it is to declutter and depersonalize. Your personal stuff is not what a potential buyer wants to see. What a buyer does want is to visualize how their own belongings will look in the space.

Tip number two is color and paint. Paint livens up a home and provides a fresh palette. For resale, a neutral color palette is recommended.   A consultation with your interior designer is worth the time and money spent as you will be provided with a completed palette for the rooms, spaces, and finishes. Not to mention that you now have a color palette that you can take with you to your next home as it will be based on your own furniture and accessories.

Tip number three is lighting. Without effective lighting a room will be drab, so check the lighting and also ensure that the same wattage is used in all spaces. Not only the wattage but ensure that all fixtures have the correct wattage and have a full compliment of light bulbs. If you do not have enough lighting, consider a small purchase of floor and/or table lamps or borrow from family, friends or neighbors.

Coming in at number 4 is the dining room table.  Walking into a dining room that has no decor is boring. Dining rooms deserve to be outstanding and exciting so dress the table for a dinner party. A beautifully arranged table is welcoming and there’s the wow factor, of course.

Numero five is a word about art and mirrors. Mirrors will make a room look larger, and they do not have to cost too much. Look for deals at retailers like Target, Michaels, and Home Goods. Art, on the other hand, is a very personal item. I always suggest subject matter that is abstract or landscapes with colors that bring out the accent color in the room.

Number 6 is furniture. Part of the decluttering stage is the placement of furniture. Furniture should be proportionate to the room and strategically placed furniture is far more appealing than a room filled with ill-fitting pieces. Each room has a purpose, so return each room to its original purpose. For example, that would mean that the pool table that had made its way into the dining room will need to go ‘bye-bye’!

Call Beppie at 858-243-0505 or email her for a staging/design consultation, we can vouch for her, she truly is a rock star at this stuff!

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Open Houses All Day Long


Some Realtors dread doing these, but I say bring ‘em so when I’m between listings, I often will host for other agents.

Why? I truly enjoy meeting people. Sounds corny, but it’s the truth.

Yes, you get a lot of neighbors, but what a great way to get a feel for a community, there’s no better intel than chatty neighbors, and knowing the house and the hood has definitely helped me sell homes while hosting.

And although I know Listings are where it’s at in this rodeo called Real Estate, I actually like working with buyers, and open houses are a great way to find folks who are looking. Sure they usually already have an agent, but there are also peeps out and about who merely “saw your sign,” (good sign placement takes strategy folks) and were just “driving by”, so even if they are out only “looking for fun,” there is some kind of motivation lurking underneath, and I aim to find it!

Another great reason to sit an open house? When do you think I churned out this blog? That’s right, I’m sitting an open house right now! It’s a great way to get work done between visitors. Even better if you don’t have the Wi-Fi password, then you aren’t tempted to check FB every five minutes.

Suffice it to say, with good cookies, a yummy smelling candle, good sign placement, and a positive attitude, something great is bound to happen. So attention sellers and agents alike, if you want to generate leads and sell a house, make sure to hire a good sitter:)

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