Closed for the season

35518736_sThis year I decided it was finally time to be honest about my personal fears, limitations, and overall comfort zone.

I have always tried to appear to be somewhat outgoing and at times adventurous but to be truthful, I really am not.

At times over the years I would agree to something I didn’t want to do, or that made me uncomfortable just so I didn’t seem like a wussy or a wimp.

When I was a kid it was to impress my friends.

When I was dating it was to impress guys.

When I became a mom it was to impress my kids.

Guess what? I am done.


I can do one night preferably in a car (glamping anyone?) and I need a decent restroom nearby, thank you very much.


Um, no.

Water sports anyone?

Jet skiing=Never again.

Snorkeling=Not in open waters, but I can handle a bay/cove.

Parasailing=Once is enough.

Boogie boarding/body surfing=Thanks to gravity I have a hard enough time keeping my girls in place so, I think not.

Scary rides?

Not gonna do any if at any time my body is inverted.

Trampoline Park?

Been there done that.

I think my family is finally “getting the memo”.

Case in point, my husband’s adorable parents were just here in late October visiting California for the first time from Switzerland, and he was excited to take them to our community pool. As our 12-year-old started whining about going in the water, I said I would sit with them but was not going in and he got upset and said I was “setting a bad example”.

Really? Did he just say that?

I very calmly said, “excuse me, but I am a 52-year-old woman perfectly capable of deciding when I do, or do not, put on a bathing suit.“ I then explained with one sweeping hand motion up and down my body that “this has all been shut down for the winter, and furthermore my lady parts are no longer prepped for the season, so I will not be going in the water, end of discussion.”


I think he finally got it.

Next up? Breaking it to the kids that I will NOT be going to any Haunted Houses this year:)

About JulieRae, she’s a hardworking Realtor/Mom whose mantra is “Yes, but first coffee.”

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