Bread as a condiment


After years of observation I think that when you are Swiss, bread is pretty much like a condiment.

My husband Marc is Swiss. So no surprise, bread and dairy products are a huge part of our lives. He and the kids can tear through a loaf of bread and a hunk of cheese like nobodies business.

But when his parents are around, the bread and cheese consumption is taken to a whole new level.

They were just here visiting from Switzerland for two weeks, and by day two, my arteries clogged up just sitting next to them at the breakfast table.

His dad, Hartwig, eats butter, bread and cheese like he just got off a three week fast. Every morning.

His mom, Rosmarie, is not quite as voracious, but four pieces of toast with cheese and salami for breakfast is standard procedure, and she is a petite little gal, all of four foot ten inches of her:)

So what’s for lunch you ask? Well whatever it is, “there will be bread!”

Dinner? Shall we serve up the traditional Swiss dish raclette?

Why sure, because it’s pretty much ALL cheese, a few little potatoes, and of course, more bread….


Love his side of the family, but I need a serious food detox after every visit:)

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