When it Rains, it Pours

Things seem to happen in clusters for me, usually good, sometimes bad.


Last weekend was definitely in the latter category. In the interest of full disclosure/not to be a whiner, let me say that in the scheme of things I am a lucky gal and who is part of a happy and healthy family, but just sit back and listen to the financial rundown of last weekend.

Friday, my car goes into the shop. Again.

A 2009 with only 45,000 miles, and I have already spent $1300 on it over the last two months. Sadly warranty expired right before things went awry, Murphy’s Law strikes again, but this time I took it to the pros at Bavarian Master Care who finally fix it and then call to tell me, “that will be $525 please “.

Saturday morning our 20 year old Mathias calls and says thinks he needs new front tires and can we help, so my hubby Marc meets him at Express Tires, and sure enough they’re bald, so yes, please charge us $174.

All four of Marc’s tires are also looking worse for the wear and he’s there waiting so what the heck, slap em on and add $754 to our tab, bartender.

Can you say ca-ching $$$$$$$$$$$

Meanwhile Dexter devil dog home alone had been amusing himself with some dark chocolate chips he discovered. Naturally we missed the four hour puke window given to get it out of his system, and so he started exhibiting the shakes, shimmies, and full blown anxious neurosis that accompanies a severe caffeine overdose prior to possible heart failure, so we head to the Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital, pronto.

He spent the night there for observation, came through it just fine per usual (do dogs have nine lives too?) became BFF’s with all the wonderful overnight staff, and basically had himself a $999 sleepover.

Are we done yet?

Nope. It’s only Saturday.

Sunday morning I tell my husband that the hot water in the kitchen sink is barely working so he gets underneath, makes a diagnosis, heads to Home Depot to get a part and proceeds to fix it.

Until I hear, “Oh NOOOOO”. Apparently the hot water trickle was the tip of the iceberg, and when he looked further, realized the problem was bigger than he could handle, so we need to call a plumber. And it’s Sunday.

Mike from North County Plumbing came out and spent five hours fixing numerous issues throughout our house, and although it was painful to write that check for $775, he was a joy to have in our home while I chatted away with his feet since his head was stuck under various sinks. A plumber with a terrific bedside manner, who knew?

So… $3227 bucks later:

My car in tip top shape.

Mathias and Marc’s tires rolling right along

Dexter alive (although Marc would like to throttle him) and well.

Plumbing in working order.

Weekend over, not so priceless:)

And guess what happened on Monday that “never happens in Southern California???”

We had a rainstorm. Of course.

About JulieRae, she’s a hardworking Realtor/Mom whose mantra typically is “Yes, but first coffee.”

For help buying, selling, or investing in SD she’s your gal @ evajrm@gmail.com

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