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I love finding bargains on pretty much anything, but especially clothes. I very rarely buy anything full price because, well, because I don’t really have to.

I’m not kidding when I say that upon approach of the clearance rack at Marshalls or Target my heart skips a beat, but for a serious adrenaline rush, its all about the Thrift, and Consignment stores.


Aside from the obvious benefit of saving money and recycling, when you shop at these stores, you find one of a kind (can you say designer?) items, and don’t even get me started on the thrill of the hunt. It can be exhilarating.

Macklemore was dead on.

My colleague Nancy Schwartz drinks the same Kool-Aid as me and therefore has a killer wardrobe, from her shoes to her jewelry. In addition to her Realtor duties, she also volunteers one day a week. Where you might ask?

The Hospice Thrift shop.

I know it’s because she cares and is a good person, but she also get’s first peek at what comes in the shop.

I am so on to her.

And sharing success stories is half the fun. I am all about telling someone that the Coach bag I am carrying was 15 bucks. Fellow Realtor Scott St. James is so tired of me pointing out how inexpensively I’m dressed if he sees me wearing something new he’ll compliment me, but before I can open my mouth to respond will say “and I don’t need to know it was only eight dollars, just own it, you look great.”

Windermere Encinitas Office Manager and thrift store queen Tally Weber always looks amazing, and it ain’t from shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I asked for her short list of go to spots, and she reluctantly agreed to share them here.

I definitely owe her lunch.

Rancho Coastal Humane Society Thrift Shop in Cardiff

St. Peters Church Resale in Del Mar and

Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club Resale


Where do I have the best luck you ask?

My Sister’s Closet. Not literally, it’s actually a chain with locations in Arizona and California. The mecca I frequent is in Encinitas, all too conveniently located within three blocks from my office:)

These folks have it down. Well organized racks of clothes, friendly staff, thoughtful lighting design, and large fitting rooms. Best of all, no stale garment smell.

A pleasant shopping experience, and the deals are to die for.

The other reason I am so enamored with this place is that every time you clean out your closet you can load up your stuff, and as long as its clean drop it off in a bag or box, no need for pressing and hanging which is huge. They sort through it and take what they want, post your credit total online so you can always check your balance which is awesome, and unless you ask to get back the stuff that they pass on, they will donate it charity. It’s like joining a recycling club and all the members just happen to look fabulous.

So if you have yet to try the second hand route when clothes shopping I highly recommend it. You never know what treasures await you, and the hunt is truly half the fun:)


About JulieRae, she’s a hardworking Realtor/Mom whose mantra typically is “Yes, but first coffee.”

For help buying, selling, or investing in SD she’s your gal @ julierae@windermeresocal.com

Isn’t it Ironic?

We moved from  Portland  Oregon because although it is green, and can be gorgeous, the rain and gray skies started making my sweet-happy-go-lucky-upbeat-gem of a husband blue. A lot.

That didn’t work for me. From the get go there was an unspoken agreement between us that I was the one allowed to have mood swings, not be even keeled, or easy going. It was one of the reasons our relationship worked so well.

That “opposites attract” kind of thing.

So we started looking into sunny West Coast cities to stay close to my family, and ultimately decided on  San Diego. If you live here, you’ve visited, or even if you’ve just seen Anchorman, you get why. Sun, surf, laid back vibe, plus my closest girlfriend is down here =icing on the cake.

We are both self employed so we planned that I’d take some time off to get the family settled, and he’d keep working part time up North, while building a business down here. Four to six months transition time for him, tops.

Not so much.

Yes my husband Marc is a highly sought after Home Inspector in Portland with numerous repeat customers, testimonials, and a huge network of realtors that, in all honesty, LOVE him, but how did that translate down here?

Initially? Crickets.

No one knew him from Adam, so why should they leave their trusted Inspector and use some hick outta Oregon?

Thankfully he still has a thriving business he could expand in Portland, so he kept going there. Every. Single. Week.

He became the guy who travels to work during the week, and is home for three-day weekends. The same guy who regaled his wife and kids (plus that darn dog) with tales of the endless summer, and ultimately convinced to move to Cali so he could beat the doldrums, and we could all get more Vitamin D.

But the poor guy was only soaking it up two-three days a week.

As the kids and I struggled to adjust to the sand, surf, fish tacos, and nonstop sunshine of San Diego, Marc was struggling to book non-stop flights to Portland on Southwest Air.

It was rough. When he called and caught me at the beach as I’m watching our kid learn to surf he was genuinely happy for us, but I know he was green with envy.

And yes, it hurt when he drove the 12-year to the mall and had to ask her for directions. Especially when she said “no worries Dad, you’d know if you actually lived here.”


But my husband is tenacious. He kept traveling back and forth growing his business/team up North all the while doggedly networking down here and guess what?

It’s finally paying off.

He still travels to Portland, but the transition is coming along nicely.

Kudos to my husband. His dream of the endless summer is becoming his reality.

He is tanner than all three of us combined, has found all the best fish taco joints, is finally learning how to surf, and the best part is he really seems to know where he is going.


About JulieRae, she’s a hardworking Realtor/Mom whose mantra typically is “Yes, but first coffee.”

For help buying, selling, or investing in SD she’s your gal @ evajrm@gmail.com